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    1. Seven Financial Tech Innovators Selected for the London FinTech Innovation Lab

      Explore Accenture Newsroom (Jan 14 2014)

      Seven financial technology entrepreneurs from Erudine, FinGenius, Logical Glue, PhotoPay, PixelPin, Squirro and uTrade have been selected to participate in this year’s FinTech Innovation Lab London to develop new technologies for the financial services sector. 

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      Mentions:   London   Europe   UK

    2. AnnoMarket to Offer Cloud-based Text Annotation & Language Services

      Explore Information Interaction (Jan 14 2014)

      AnnoMarket to Offer Cloud-based Text Annotation & Language Services

      The London Text Analytics group is meeting on Weds Feb 12 to hear about AnnoMarket: a cloud-based text annotation marketplace. AnnoMarket will offer cost-effective access to a wealth of resources including annotators, language resources and domain-specific pipelines to help businesses and individuals extract value from text data. Project team:f the Press Association, the University of Sheffield, Internet Memory Research and OntoText.

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    3. euroscript Acquires CMS Provider Amplexor

      Explore businesswire.com (Jan 14 2014)

      euroscript International SA (Luxembourg anguage, content authoring, publishing and technology services) has acquired CMS provider Amplexor NV. Amplexor has a yearly turnover of approximately EUR 11 million and employs ~90 ECM consultants and experts in Belgium and Romania.

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      Mentions:   Belgium   Europe   Romania

    4. Tilde Releases New Version LetsMT Translation Platform

      Explore gala-global.org (Jan 13 2014)

      Baltic language technology company Tilde has released the latest version of its machine translation platform LetsMT. The new features are targeted at professional translators and greatly improve the user experience, significantly boosting translation efficiency and productivity.

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      Mentions:   Andrejs Vasiļjevs

    5. TechScribe Releases Term Checker for Simplified Technical English

      Explore asd-ste100.org (Jan 10 2014)

      The TechScribe term checker is for technical publications managers who are not satisfied with the large cost of enterprise software for Simplified Technical English (ASD-STE100) issue 6. 

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    6. Fraunhofer's conTEXT, a Lightweight Text Analytics Solution using Linked Data

      Explore YouTube (Jan 10 2014)

      Fraunhofer's conTEXT, a Lightweight Text Analytics Solution using Linked Data

      Video by conTEXT from the Gerrman R&D institute Fraunhofer IAIS can semantically analyze text corpora (such as blogs, RSS/Atom feeds, Facebook, G+, Twitter or SlideWiki.org decks) and provides novel ways for browsing and visualizing the results.

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    7. How busuu.Boss Built up his Language Learning Company

      Explore EU-Startups | Limelight on EU-startups (Jan 9 2014)

      Interview with Bernhard Niesner the co-founder and CEO of busuu, a Zurich-based language learning community, about the entrepreneurial journey behind th company.

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      Mentions:   Madrid

    8. Expert System Approves IPO on Borsa Italiana’s AIM Italia Market

      Explore Expert System (Jan 9 2014)

      The shareholders of Expert System, the Italian semantic technology company, have approved the project of listing the company on Borsa Italiana’s AIM Italia market. They also approved a capital increase to support the operation, and Stefano Spaggiari and Marco Varone have been confirmed respectively as CEO and Chairman of the Company.

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      Mentions:   Marco Varone   Stefano Spaggiari   Expert System (Italy)

    9. SwiftKey's Predictive Text Input Will Interface with Car Stereos

      Explore Engadget (Jan 9 2014)

      SwiftKey's Predictive Text Input Will Interface with Car Stereos

      UK keyboard maker SwiftKey will integrate its adaptive text-entry with Clarion's forthcoming AX1 head unit. 

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      Mentions:   TouchType (UK)

    10. StartupYard in Prague to Focus on Data, Semantic Search And Analytics

      Explore TechCrunch (Jan 8 2014)

      StartupYard in Prague to Focus on Data, Semantic Search And Analytics

      Prage-based acclerator StartupYard is running a 12 week bootcamp-style mentoring programme. It specifically mentions that it’s looking for startups focusing on Semantic Search, Real-Time Data Analysis, Prediction Algorithms, Cryptography, and Web Mining. Six teams will be selected in total.

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      Mentions:   Europe   Czech Republic   Czech

    11. VoiceBox and Elektrobit Deliver Conversational Voice Connected Car Development Platform

      Explore businesswire.com (Jan 6 2014)

      VoiceBox Technologies (conversational voice software) is working with Finnish firm Elektrobit (auto electronics) to provide advanced natural language capabilities to EB GUIDE, Elektrobit's multimodal HMI development platform, with 3D content import, graphical animations and effects, speech recognition for dynamic data, multi-touch and touch gesture recognition for smartphone-like user. 

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      Mentions:   Netherlands   Munich

    12. Bangor University: Receives £56,000 Grant to Develop Welsh Speech Tech

      Explore Daily Post (Jan 1 2014)

      Bangor University: Receives £56,000 Grant to Develop Welsh Speech Tech

      The Language Technology Unit at  Bangor University has been awarded a grant of £56,000 from the  Welsh Government’s Technology &  Welsh Language Fund, to further develop speech recognition technology for the Welsh language. The technology would allow the  use of Welsh-language commands  to control a variety of electronic  devices.

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      Mentions:   Wales

    13. KantanMT Launches Preferred Partner Programme

      Explore gala-global.org (Dec 31 2013)

      KantanMT.com (cloud-base MT platform) has launched its Preferred Partner Program for LSPs and translation agencies of any size and geographic location, offering various statistical MT service benefits.

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      Mentions:   CrossLang (Belgium)   Xcelerator Ltd (Ireland)

    14. What busuu Brought to Market in 2013

      Explore blog of busuu.com (Dec 30 2013)

      What busuu Brought to Market in 2013

      busuu reviews a year of new language-learning products.

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    15. Acrolinx in the Top 100 Companies in the Digital Content Industry for 2013-2014

      Explore EcontentMag.com (Dec 30 2013)

      The 2013-2014 EContent 100 is a list of the 100 Companies that Matter Most in the Digital Content Industry. European LT companies include Acrolinx (text creation) and the  Glaswegian firm Think Analytics (search & analytics) holding their own alongside such competitors as the German Spotify (music delivery) , Facebook, Google, Amazon, Apple etc.

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      Mentions:   Acrolinx (Germany)   German

    16. Check Out Droid Translator for Users of Skype

      Explore tiwinnovations.com (Dec 29 2013)

      Check Out Droid Translator for Users of Skype

      Droid Translator, a startup from the Czech Republic-based Technology Improves the World organisation, claims to be is the world's first automatic simultaneous translator of voice and video calls for Skype and other VoIP services. It featured recently at Le Web 13 in Paris.

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      Mentions:   Paris   Czech

    17. Mondeca and Osiatis Publish White Paper on Enterprise Semantics

      Explore Home Mondeca (Dec 23 2013)

      The French semantics supplier Mondeca has helped OSIATIS (French IT services company) write a white paper on the future of semantic technology for companies, providing an overview of the field and its dunctional advantages to busiess intelligence and corporate knowledge. http://www.econocom.com/sites/default/files/livre_blanc_tech_semantiques-vfweb.pdf


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      Mentions:   Mondeca (France)

    18. KantanMT Reviews the Numbers for 2013

      Explore KantanMT BLOG (Dec 22 2013)

      KantanMT Reviews the Numbers for 2013

      A year in the life of an Irish translation automation startup. To date, the most popular target languages on the KantanMT platform are; French, Spanish and Brazilian-Portuguese. Members have uploaded more than 67 billion training words and built approx. 7,000 customized KantanMT engines that translated more than 500 million words.

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      Mentions:   Spanish   French   Portuguese

    19. Formscan is the Newest ABBYY Europe Solution Partner

      Explore Home | SYS-CON MEDIA (Dec 19 2013)

      UK company Formscan (document capture) is  partnering with ABBYY UK Ltd.,  (document recognition, data capture, and linguistic technologies and services) to deploy ABBYY's FlexiCapture platformCustomer sectors include legal, logistics, financial services, healthcare, government, and outsourcing.

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      Mentions:   Europe   Russia   Germany

    20. Welocalize First English-Speaking LSP to Receive Across Accreditation

      Explore Marketwired (Dec 19 2013)

      Germany-based Across Systems (software platform for corporate language resources and translation processes) has awarded its "Across Certified" distinction to Welocalize(translation and localization solutions) as the first English-speaking (LSP) to qualify.

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      Mentions:   Ireland   Germany   UK

    21. French Telecoms Company to Use Lexifone Translation Service

      Explore globes.co.il (Dec 19 2013)

      Lexifone (Israel-based phone translation developer) recently closed a €2M deal with French communication company SFR. SFR has 20 million private subscribers and one million corporate subscribers. Lexifone’s service is intended for the corporate subscribers. The service will allow them to converse with people who do not speak French, and will make it easier for them to conduct business.  

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      Mentions:   Spanish   French   Italian

    22. Acrolinx Gets New CEO, and New US Headquarters in Silicon Valley

      Explore acrolinx.com (Dec 19 2013)

      Acrolinx has appointed Kumar Vora as CEO. In addition, the company announced the opening of its new US headquarters in San Jose, California.

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      Mentions:   Europe   Germany   Berlin

    23. SYSTRAN Partners Its Way into New Asian Markets

      Explore Aktien (Dec 18 2013)

      SYSTRAN's management and principal shareholders have entered into exclusive negotiations with CSLI Co. Ltd, a Korean company, to sell all of their shares in SYSTRAN (35.79% of the share capital) for a price of €5 per share.This industrial partnership would enable SYSTRAN to have privileged access to Asian markets and capture new markets, and would allow CSLI to benefit from SYSTRAN's unique know-how and expertise in developing and selling machine translation software and natural language processing technologies.

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      Mentions:   Paris   Systran (France)

    24. Wales Project for Multilingual Digital App that 'Whispers’ Theatre Performances

      Explore Daily Post (Dec 16 2013)

      Wales Project for Multilingual Digital App that 'Whispers’ Theatre Performances

      Theatr Genedlaethol Cymru in Wales will  work with digital agency Galactig  to develop Sibrwd after receiving  funding from the Digital Research  & Development Fund for the Arts  in Wales. The platform allows theatre audiences  to understand and enjoy performances in other languages.

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      Mentions:   Wales

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