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Transforming Your Business with Analytics – a Series
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Government Data Mining Techniques Must Adapt With Web 2.0

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Is your government agency struggling to get a handle on data mining? If so, representatives from IBM and Splunk have a few tips to help make better sense of unstructured data and how to use it effectively. When dealing with unstructured sources of data — social media feeds, blogs, chat logs, wikis, and other items that sometimes aren’t stored in a database — IT leaders need to accept that traditional methods of information extraction won’t always work, said Tom Deutsch, program director of Big Data for IBM. A variety of new tools have to be learned in order to siphon useful records, he said. Speaking at the annual GTC West conference on Wednesday, May 30, Deutsch explained that in the past, data mining techniques mostly ignored the majority of information being searched. These data mining techniques typically sought specific statistics, such as word count or proximity of words. That extraction method generally worked well for longer items, such as complex manifestos or engineering documents.