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  1. Articles in category: Language Products/Services

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    1. How "Apps" Conquer the World of SDL Trados Studio

      Explore Translation and Localization Blog (Jul 19 2011)

      How "Apps" Conquer the World of SDL Trados Studio by Klaus Fleischmann, Kaleidoscope "Apps" – they surely are creating a constant buzz ever since the iPhone and the Android-based smartphones have started to conquer the world of mobile communication. Almost everybody talks about these "little" software extensions that perform many useful things for us. Now, these apps also start to gain a foothold in the area of translation software. With its OpenExchange initiative, SDL established a central platform for everybody who wants to customize software such as SDL Trados Studio or SDL MultiTerm with useful add-ons. Even picking the right apps is easy since other users already have reviewed... (Read Full Article)

      Mentions:   SDL (UK)

    2. Much Ado about Standards – Finally

      Explore Common Sense Advisory > Home (Jul 18 2011)

      Just as LISA shuttered its site at the end of February, it hosted a Standards Summit near Boston. The Summit drew a small but dedicated cadre of professional interested in setting standards for the language sector. Delegates represented industry associations, language service providers (LSPs), academics, language tool suppliers, and a small group of heavy-users of translation services and tools. The Summit concluded with everyone agreeing to work on a standardized container specification for translation and a transport mechanism for these containers. Fast-forward a few weeks through some of the dying gasps of LISA and a lot of discussion about where existing specifications such as TBX and TMX would reside (ETSI, OASIS, or OMG, with LISA's managing director favoring ETSI), who would be the interoperability watchdog for standards (TAUS, by self-nomination), and who would lead the charge for standards in an industry where participants couldn't agree on fundamentals such as what constitutes a word or even what translation encompasses (see "How Translation Projects Are Priced," May11). More esoteric topics such as containers, interoperability, and transformations stretch comprehension and agreement even more. (Read Full Article)

    3. Diskusija Language Services redesigns logo, website

      Explore MultiLingual Computing, Inc. (Jul 15 2011)

      Information has been organized in modules to better manage quote requests, client feedback and job applications from linguists (Read Full Article)

      Mentions:   Vilnius   Lithuania

    4. New chief information officer at Language Services Associates

      Explore MultiLingual Computing, Inc. (Jul 15 2011)

      Mauricio Vicente promoted as chief information officer and member of the executive team (Read Full Article)

    5. Lido-Lang relocates Krakow office

      Explore MultiLingual Computing, Inc. (Jul 13 2011)

      The company is also celebrating 20 years in business (Read Full Article)

      Mentions:   Poland

    6. One Hour Translation in collaboration with SDL

      Explore globes.co.il (Jul 11 2011)

      SDL will direct all its website traffic to One Hour Translation. (Read Full Article)

      Mentions:   SDL (UK)   One Hour Translation (Cyprus)

    7. Of Localization, Interpreting, and “That Other Thing” Called Translation…

      Explore Gerson Lehrman Group (Jul 8 2011)

      At the event, Common Sense Advisory hosted a colloquium that was attended by companies like Adobe, Disney, Oracle, RIM, Skype, and TripAdvisor, followed by a presentation on crowdsourced translation. We then rushed to an equally warm Washington D.C. to ... (Read Full Article)

      Mentions:   Europe   Ray Kurzweil

    8. Overwhelming Response to SDL OpenExchange Brings Record Downloads and Developer Participation

      Explore Translation and Localization Blog (Jul 7 2011)

      To mark 6th month anniversary of SDL OpenExchange, SDL launches competition to inspire innovation and extend SDL Trados Studio experience SDL, (LSE:SDL) the leading provider of Global Information Management solutions, has announced today a surge in usage of its innovative SDL OpenExchange™. SDL OpenExchange provides a unique, open industry platform which enables developers to extend and customize the capabilities of industry-leading products such as SDL Trados® Studio. It also acts as a web portal for developing, marketing and selling applications and plug-ins that leverage the open architecture of SDL’s language technology products. Only six months after its full launch, SDL... (Read Full Article)

      Mentions:   SDL (UK)   Mark Tapling

    9. euroscript and Acrolinx conclude extended technology partnership

      Explore openPR.com (Jul 6 2011)

      euroscript and Acrolinx conclude extended technology partnership euroscript and Acrolinx conclude extended technology partnershipopenPR (press release)(openPR) - Bertrange/Berlin, 5 July 2011 – euroscript, a leader in providing global solutions in content lifecycle management, and Acrolinx, a software company providing enterprise solutions to connect content and communication, wish to announce a ... (Read Full Article)

      Mentions:   France   Germany   Acrolinx (Germany)

    10. TransPerfect opens office in Shanghai

      Explore MultiLingual Computing, Inc. (Jul 5 2011)

      In addition to its legal support capabilities, the new office offers the company's full range of localization services (Read Full Article)

    11. Expert Knowledge for Your Needs ABBYY Offers Data Capture Certification ...

      Explore Press Release Distribution (Jul 4 2011)

      Expert Knowledge for Your Needs ABBYY Offers Data Capture Certification ... Expert Knowledge for Your Needs ABBYY Offers Data Capture Certification ...RealWire (press release)Bracknell, UK (4th July, 2011) — ABBYY UK Ltd., a member of the ABBYY Group of companies and a leading provider of document recognition, data capture and language software, today announced the availability of new Certification Training Courses for the ...and more » (Read Full Article)

      Mentions:   Europe   Russia   Germany

    12. US Government spending on translation, prices

      Explore GTS Blog (Jul 1 2011)

      US Government spending on translation, prices It is estimated that over 10% of the total spending in the US is done by the various branches of government: State, Local and Federal. That’s a lot of money! Language services is no exception, and the USA Federal government is a heavy-duty buyer. Should translation companies try and get a piece of the pie? Many of them are already working with the government, and many more are trying. It is good business sense. Here are some interesting facts and figures for you to consider: According to a CommonSenseAdvisory firm study on US federal spending, the US government spent over US$4.5 Billion on outsourced translation and interpreting services in the last two decades. The US Federal government spent about $150 Million in the Federal Fiscal Year Oct 2009 – Sep 2010. Click here to see how this money was spent in the same fiscal year and the names of the companies that were awarded the contracts. Click here to see the names of the GSA-approved suppliers which received contracts in the same fiscal year. The GSA (US General Services Administration) website publishes its Language Services – Schedule 738 II, the framework for most of the budget on language services procurement. This is most interesting! Would you like to know how much your competition is charging? One of the nice things about doing business with the federal government is that they require complete transparency from their suppliers. Any company that has a contract with the GSA must publish their prices ... (Read Full Article)

    13. Andrew Bredenkamp at Silicon Valley Meetup

      Explore events.imug.org (Jul 1 2011)

      Andrew Bredenkamp at Silicon Valley Meetup

      Dr. Andrew Bredenkamp is co-founder and CEO of Acrolinx. Andrew has over 20 years of experience in multilingual information development. Before starting Acrolinx, Andrew was Head of the Technology Transfer Centre at the German Research Centre for Artificial Intelligence (DFKI) Language Technology Lab. Andrew holds degrees in technical translation and linguistics and a Ph.D. in Computational Linguistics. He is on the advisory board of a number of organizations, including Translators without Borders and The Centre for Next Generation Localisation (CNGL).

      (Read Full Article)

      Mentions:   Andrew Bredenkamp   Acrolinx (Germany)   German

    14. Selling Language Services to the U.S. Government

      Explore GTS Blog (Jun 30 2011)

      Selling Language Services to the U.S. Government The July 4th weekend is almost here. But before we break out the barbecues and head out for the long weekend, I wanted to share some interesting information I received about US federal government spending on language services. It is estimated that over 10% of the total spending in the US is done by the [...] (Read Full Article)

    15. TransPerfect acquires Milim

      Explore MultiLingual Computing, Inc. (Jun 29 2011)

      Based in Tel Aviv, Milim specializes in translation, localization, desktop publishing and technical writing services (Read Full Article)

    16. euroscript International is the 9th biggest Language Services provider ...

      Explore openPR.com (Jun 29 2011)

      euroscript International is the 9th biggest Language Services provider ... euroscript International is the 9th biggest Language Services provider ...openPR (press release)Each year, since 2005, Common Sense Advisory publishes a list of the top 20 largest language services providers (LSP), and for the past seven years, euroscript has shown in the top 10, ranking at #9 - #3 when only considering Western European companies ... (Read Full Article)

      Mentions:   Mark Evenepoel   Luxembourg

    17. European Patent: Almost There

      Explore Localization Industry 411 (Jun 28 2011)

      European Union governments have been negotiating the issue of a single EU patent for decades. Taking advantage of the fast-track procedure – which came in with the Lisbon Treaty and allows a group of countries to go ahead with EU legislation even when not all 27 member states agree – Ministers met Monday and hammered out a so-called "general approach," which is the governments' position on a European Commission legislative proposal that will create a single patent for the EU. I have discussed this matter previously in this post about the creation of a European patent system. Italy and Spain fear discrimination because patents would be filed only in English, French or German. The two countries have filed a legal challenge with the European Court of Justice (ECJ), arguing that the new enhanced co-operation procedure should not be used to bring in the patent system. In fact, efforts to get an EU-wide agreement on patents have been blocked for many years by language disputes and the lack of unanimity. At the moment, the European patent requires validation in each member state, and a full translation of the patent in the official national language. The new single patent system is expected to be in place by 2013, and should cut the current €32,000 it costs to get a patent across the 27 EU countries (€23,000 only for translations) to €2,500 for the 25 countries participating in the project (all but Italy and Spain), and further down to €680 at the ... (Read Full Article)

      Mentions:   London   Europe   Spain

    18. Kicking off the Great Translation Debate Series

      Explore translationautomation.com (Jun 23 2011)

      Kicking off the Great Translation Debate Series At the TAUS Executive Forum held in Barcelona on June 9 and 10, the centerpiece comprised two “great debates” on topics that stand at the heart of the localization and translation industry. How do we move forward on the thorny issue of interoperability in translation workflows? And, How will machine translation (MT) impact the industry now that there is fairly widespread adoption of the technology among buyers and LSPs, which is in turn attracting new offerings from developers? (Read Full Article)

      Mentions:   Barcelona   SDL (UK)   Applied Language Solutions (UK)

    19. Three Takeaways from Localization World Barcelona

      Explore Gerson Lehrman Group (Jun 22 2011)

      The European edition of Localization World ended last week in Barcelona with a record-breaking attendance of 550 participants from the supply and demand side of the language services industry. The program committee put together and excellent roster of ... (Read Full Article)

      Mentions:   Barcelona   Renato Beninatto   Norway

    20. Lido-Lang voice-over service

      Explore MultiLingual Computing, Inc. (Jun 21 2011)

      Includes professional recording studio, lectors in all major European languages, and project management (Read Full Article)

      Mentions:   Poland

    21. Crowds, Clouds, Data and Innovation

      Explore translationautomation.com (Jun 21 2011)

      Crowds, Clouds, Data and Innovation The final session of the recent TAUS Executive Forum in Barcelona focused on innovative solutions using communities or data driven approaches. Collaborative translation is a promising, new paradigm to leverage the power of community to translate and maintain dynamic content. While automated workflow systems are not new, automation now spans the translation workflow end-to-end, including statistical sourcing and selection of translation resources. Innovative LSPs are capitalizing on the opportunity to connect clients and translators directly. (Read Full Article)

      Mentions:   Barcelona   Andrew Bredenkamp   translated.net (Italy)

    22. Clay Tablet translation management system connectors

      Explore MultiLingual Computing, Inc. (Jun 20 2011)

      The new connectors - SDL TMS Connector, GlobalSight Connector and LionBridge Freeway Connector - are designed to automate the importing/exporting of content (Read Full Article)

      Mentions:   SDL (UK)

    23. Top 10 Tweets from Localization World 2011 Barcelona #lwbar #locworld

      Explore GTS Blog (Jun 17 2011)

      Hey everybody. Since I did not have a chance to attend Localization World Barcelona 2011, I thought of a cool idea which would allow me to leave my mark on the conference. Here is a list of my favorite 10 tweets from the event. Enjoy, and hopefully I will see some of you at future events. @choyberg: [...] (Read Full Article)

      Mentions:   Barcelona   Wayne Bourland

    24. ABBYY and Paper Terminal Announce New Relationship to Benefit Users

      Explore The Sacramento Bee (Jun 16 2011)

      ABBYY and Paper Terminal Announce New Relationship to Benefit Users ABBYY and Paper Terminal Announce New Relationship to Benefit UsersSacramento BeeAs part of this relationship, over 100 thousand registered users of OCR Terminal, an online document conversion service developed by Paper Terminal, will be offered to switch to the ABBYY FineReader Online service, which provides similar functionality. ...and more » (Read Full Article)

      Mentions:   Russia   Germany   Cyprus

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