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    1. Safaba Ups the Competition Among Machine Translation Solutions

      Explore MarketWatch (Oct 11 2012)

      Safaba Translation Solutions, a spinoff from Carnegie Mellon University's Language Technologies Institute, has launched a new automated language translation service for anything from brand collateral dissemination to online customer care and multilingual intra-corporate communications. Safaba's Machine Translation solution involves customization, artificial intelligence, and expert (human) linguistic review.

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      Mentions:   Wayne Bourland

    2. TAUS to Publish a Machine Translation Research Repository to Stimulate Innovation

      Explore translationautomation.com (Oct 10 2012)

      TAUS to Publish a Machine Translation Research Repository to Stimulate Innovation TAUS is organizing Research Papers hosted on the TAUS Labs website. The main goal of the project is to create a user friendly and reliable platform to provide structured and easy access to descriptions of the most recent and strongest papers in the area of MT. We start with the ACL publications only, and plan to expand coverage over time. This will also help to provide inspiration for Developing Talent experiments going forward. (Read Full Article)

      Mentions:   Spanish   Amsterdam   Norwegian

    3. TranslateKarate Simplifies Localisation

      Explore ArcticStartup (Oct 10 2012)

      Slokavia-based TranslateKarate (an ArcticStartup company) delivers an online translation toolkit to manage translation workflow. It simplifies and streamlines localisation for project owners, translators and developers.

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    4. New version of Pragma Machine Translation Solution

      Explore Free Downloads Encyclopedia (Oct 8 2012)

      Trident Software has upgraded its Pragma  multilingual computer translation application  for  Word, web pages, emails and help documents . The program now supports Kazakh in addition to English, German, French, Latvian, Polish, Russian, and Ukrainian making 56 language pairs. 

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      Mentions:   French   Russian   Latvian

    5. SDL's BeGlobal Machine Translation Platform

      Explore Translation Reports (Oct 5 2012)

      SDL's BeGlobal Machine Translation Platform

      SDL BeGlobal is a hybrid translation service, offered as a cloud based (SaaS) product, that combines statistical machine translation with translation memory, along with human review and post-editing. This enables customers to translate large volumes of material at a high quality level. 

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      Mentions:   Europe   Language Weaver (acquired by SDL, UK)

    6. ATRIL Adds Machine Translation Add-ons to Déjà Vu

      Explore public.message-business.com (Oct 4 2012)

      ATRIL Adds Machine Translation Add-ons to Déjà Vu

      Atril has updated its Advanced Machine Translation module in Déjà Vu. The following Machine Translation Providers are now directly available in Déjà Vu. Giogle Translate, itranslate4.eu Microsoft Translator, PROMT Translator, and Systran. Coming soon are Asia Online, TAUSData, SmartMATE and Let'sMT!, so user don't need to install add-ons.

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      Mentions:   ATRIL (Spain)

    7. KantanMT launches BETA IV – Advanced Cloud-Based MT

      Explore Kantan Machine Translation Services (Oct 3 2012)

      Xcelerator Machine Translation Solutions, has announced that its cloud-based statistical machine translation platform, KantanMT, has reached its BETA 4 release date and now has over 130+ members experimenting with the platform.
      Beta IV contains a number of significant improvements to help mid-sized LSPs track the quality improvements in their KantanMT engines. In addition to this, much improved file parsers and data cleansers have been included too.

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      Mentions:   Xcelerator Ltd (Ireland)

    8. NTT DoCoMo Preps Automatic Translation from Japanese through Android

      Explore Engadget (Oct 1 2012)

      NTT DoCoMo Preps Automatic Translation from Japanese through Android

      NTT DoCoMo's Hanashite Hon'yaku automatic translation service for Android 2.2 phones or tablets will automatically convert spoken Japanese to another language, and reverse the process for the reply, will open on November 1st. It will translate from Japanese to Chinese, English or Korean. Indonesian, Thai and five European languages are coming later that month. 

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      Mentions:   French   Italian   Portuguese

    9. 21 European Languages in Danger of Digital Extinction says META-NET Report

      Explore MateCat (Sep 25 2012)

      21 European Languages are unlikely to survive in the digital age, says the study “Europe’s Languages in the Digital Age” carried out by META-NET, a European network of excellence that consists of 60 research centres in 34 countries, working on the technological foundations of multilingual Europe. Europe’s leading Language Technology experts warns that no language was considered to have “excellent digital support”: Icelandic, Latvian, Lithuanian and Maltese, receive the lowest score in four different areas: automatic translation, speech interaction, text analysis, availability of language resources.

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      Mentions:   Europe   Dutch   French

    10. Excelerator Announces 100+ Registered LSP Members for KantanMT Service

      Explore Kantan Machine Translation Services (Sep 25 2012)

      Excelerator Announces 100+ Registered LSP Members for KantanMT  Service

      Xcelerator Machine Translation Solutions, announced today that over 100 members had registered to experiment with its Machine Translation platform, www.KantanMT.com. The platform is designed to help Localisation Service Providers(LSP) deploy Machine Translation within their translation workflow in a matter of hours.

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      Mentions:   Xcelerator Ltd (Ireland)

    11. Free Open Source Machine Translation Tutorial Available Via TAUS

      Explore translationautomation.com (Sep 18 2012)

      TAUS, the translation innovation think tank and platform for shared industry services, is launching  an online tutorial on the open source statistical machine translation toolkit, Moses. The free tutorial is funded through the MosesCore project and targets students, LSPs and developers.

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      Mentions:   Amsterdam   Rahzeb Choudhury   Achim Ruopp

    12. Xcelerator Holding Hackathon for KantanMT Cloud Localisation Engine

      Explore | Steve Flinter (Sep 13 2012)

      A hackathon is being organised this weekend for a new start-up called Xcelerator. Xcelerator has developed a technology/service called KantanMT, which is a “cloud-based machine translation service for the localisation industry”. Xcelerator is a spin-out company from the SFI-funded Centre for Next Generation Localisation (CNGL). It’s being headed up by Tony O’Dowd, a seasoned campaigner in the localisation and globalisation industries, so has great prospects of success. If you’re a software developer looking to get in on the ground floor of an exciting start-up, check out the details of the recruitment hackathon on their website.

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      Mentions:   Ireland   Xcelerator Ltd (Ireland)

    13. MT Language Resources for 'Developing Talent' Initiative Launched by TAUS

      Explore translationautomation.com (Sep 7 2012)

      MT Language Resources for 'Developing Talent' Initiative Launched by TAUS

      TAUS, the translation innovation think tank and platform for industry-shared services, announces the launch of the Developing Talent Initiative, a collaborative project with universities around the world. This project allows students from all over the world to build MT engines using domain specific data from TAUS, supervised by the TAUS Labs team and an expert Advisory Committee. In the process, students gain a greater understanding of commercial requirements while industry also benefits from the experimentation undertaken by some of the brightest young computational linguists globally. The results are made publicly available on the TAUS site, helping to share learnings and inspire others. The TAUS Data repository currently hosts over 50 billion words of trusted human translations in 2,200 plus language pairs. This represents the largest open source of quality language data to build and improve machine translation systems. The lessons that are learnt from experimentation using such a large volume of domain specific data have the potential to benefit business and society tremendously.

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      Mentions:   Europe   Amsterdam   Jaap van der Meer

    14. MT Marathon: Get Familiar with Open Source Machine Translation

      Explore MateCat (Aug 30 2012)

      Participate in the Machine Translation Marathon 2012!
      If you are a researcher, developer, student or simply a user of machine translation, come with us at the seventh edition of the MT Marathon.
      This event is sponsored by MosesCore, an EU Project aimed at promoting open source machine translation. The MT Marathon will take place on 3-8 September 2012 in Edinburgh, Scotland, organised by the Statistical MT group of the School of Informatics of the University of Edinburgh.

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      Mentions:   Edinburgh   Europe   Scotland

    15. 85 Company Profiles in Report on Global Language Translation Software and Services Industry

      Explore reportlinker.com (Aug 30 2012)

      85 Company Profiles in Report on Global Language Translation Software and Services Industry

      This report analyzes the worldwide markets for Language Translation Software and Services in US$ Million. The report provides separate comprehensive analytics for the US, Canada, Japan, Europe, Asia-Pacific, and Rest of World. Annual estimates and forecasts are provided for the period 2010 through 2018. Also, a six-year historic analysis is provided for these markets. The report profiles 85 companies including many key and niche players such as Affiliated Computer Services, Inc., AVW-TELAV Audio Visual Solutions, Babylon Ltd., Engility Holdings, Inc., euroscript International S.A, Google Inc., Global Linguist Solutions LLC, Hewlett-Packard Development Company L.P, International Business Machines Corp., Language Line Services, Lionbridge Technologies Inc., Moravia IT a.s, RWS Holdings PLC, SAIC, Inc., SDL Language Technologies, STAR Group, SYSTRAN S.A, thebigword Holdings Limited, Translations.com, TransPerfect Translations International Inc., and Welocalize Inc. Market data and analytics are derived from primary and secondary research. Company profiles are primarily based upon search engine sources in the public domain.

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      Mentions:   Europe   Lionbridge Technologies (US/Global)   Systran (France)

    16. SpeechTrans Messenger Enables Video Conference Translation

      Explore Latest Press Releases (Aug 28 2012)

      SpeechTrans Inc, a leader in app-based multi-language translation, has just released their revolutionary video conferencing translation software for Windows and Mac. To celebrate the launch, the company is giving away a three day free trial to anybody who signs up through their website. It allows any two people in the world to communicate via face-to-face or through video conference, using Nuance Powered speech recognition, text translation, and text-to-speech functionality. In addition to the 27 iPhone applications, 3 Android applications, and a Blackberry application, the Windows and Mac desktop software complete the SpeechTrans product line to eliminate language translation barriers across the world. SpeechTrans messenger for Windows and Mac has full-featured capabilities for having conversations with people speaking different languages in the same room, or across the globe. They enable businesses, friends, and families to communicate in different languages seamlessly without having to pay high priced translators. By using the SpeechTrans Messenger on their computer, they can now have free VoIP calls to people using the application anywhere in the world. They can also place a video call and have a real-time conversation speaking two different languages. SpeechTrans integrates the ability to do real-time translation with Facebook chat right in the messenger application. Users can now login with their Facebook account and talk to anyone on their PC to anyone on Facebook and have SpeechTrans handle the translation. Forget typing, because this software lets you use your voice to speak in 23 different languages and it translates into 54 different languages.

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    17. SDL BeGlobal: Secure Machine Translation Through Studio 2011

      Explore sdl.com (Aug 23 2012)

      Using Machine Translation in combination with translation memory (TM) technology to increase translator productivity is a quite debated topic. Feedback from translators reveals a variety of attitudes towards machine translation, with some supporting it, as it speeds their translation process, and others finding it a distraction because of poor quality results. Machine translation systems are not going to replace the quality of human translation, but they might increase productivity or even provide businesses with a means of translating material which no human has ever attempted. At SDL, we are expanding the solutions we offer for machine translation to support a more dynamic, versatile translation environment. Earlier this year SDL Trados Studio 2011 added another machine translation connection which is not offered by any other CAT environment. Studio 2011 users can now take advantage of SDL BeGlobal – a cloud platform for real-time translation – via a free SDL BeGlobal Community account, available when you purchase a copy of Studio 2011. SDL BeGlobal is an automated translation platform designed to enable businesses to communicate with customers across more languages and channels. It is a powerful, web application that enables any business user to become a multilingual publisher and communicator. The Community Edition, which users can access for free via Studio 2011, provides access to machine translation in a broad range of language pairs directly from the Studio 2011 interface.

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    18. Lingual Lets Siri Translate Via Bing to Over 35 Languages on Jailbroken iPhones

      Explore mediabistro.com (Aug 23 2012)

      Lingual Lets Siri Translate Via Bing to Over 35 Languages on Jailbroken iPhones

      Siri is perhaps the most popular feature on the iPhone and its about to get better. A new tweak has been released into the Cydia app market. Lingual is only accessible on hacked iPhones, but once you’ve installed it you can use Siri to translate to 35 languages.
      The tweak gives Siri the ability to use the Bing Translation API to convert the text. You can only output text on the screen, as Siri cannot actually speak in those 35 languages, but this is still a big improvement on existing abilities.
      Lingual supports a rather long list of languages, so much so that I won’t embed it here. 

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    19. Cloud-based KantanMT Reaches Development Milestone and Rolls Out Beta III

      Explore Kantan Machine Translation Services (Aug 17 2012)

      Dublin, 13th August 2012 – Xcelerator Machine Translation Solutions is pleased to announce that its cloud-based statistical machine translation platform, KantanMT, has reached its BETA 3 release date and now has over 40 clients using the platform.While Beta III is not ready for prime-time usage, it does contain a significant number of key features that enable mid-sized LSPs to embrace MT and start using it in a production environment. KantanMT Beta III contains the following core features:-

        • Quickly build MT Engines: To create a KantanMT engine, simply upload you TMX translation memories and click on Build! KantanMT will validate and cleanse these TMX files and use them as training and tuning data for your KantanMT engine.
        • Speedily Translate Files: To translate your client files, simply upload them to the site and click on Translate! Your KantanMT engine will automatically translate these files and send you the results.
        • Greater File Support: BETA III now supports XLIFF, TTX, DITA, DOCX and XML file formats, making it easier than ever to translate your client files.
        • GENTRY File Parser Technology: All KantanMT parsers are now implemented using Gentry, our new script-based parser engine that makes developing new parsers for client files quick and easy.
        • Data Analytics: BETA III now analyses your KantanMT engine based on BLEU and F-Measure data scoring algorithms. This helps clients track the quality and fluency of the KantanMT engines they are developing.

      “This is a major milestone for the company”, said CEO and Founder, Tony O’Dowd. “We’ve developed ...

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      Mentions:   Ireland   Dublin   Xcelerator Ltd (Ireland)

    20. Basis Technology's HLT Conference 2012, October 4

      Explore Kurzweil Accelerating Intelligence (Aug 16 2012)

      Save the date October 4 and make plans to attend Basis Technology’s HLT Conference 2012 at the Westfields Marriott Conference Center, to learn about: Cloud-scale name matching against distributed watch lists High-volume, high-accuracy name translation Hosting open-source search in the cloud Beyond entity extraction—clustering, co-referencing, relationships Exploiting crowd-sourced linguistic resources Combining text analytics with temporal analytics Update your knowledge on key topics which you’ve come to value from our past conferences: New transliteration standards for the intelligence community Desktop and workgroup tools for translator and linguist productivity Arabic and Persian chat translation MEDEX, CELLEX, and SIGINT applications HUMINT reporting applications OSINT collection and analysis

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      Mentions:   Russia   Greece

    21. CLS Offers Free Trial of Its Machine Translation Service

      Explore cls-communication.com (Aug 15 2012)

      CLS  Offers Free Trial of Its Machine Translation Service

      A very special offer to celebrate our 15th anniversary In some situations time is of the essence. If total accuracy is not essential, nothing beats the clock like our secure Machine Translation service. Our Machine Translation service is renowned for its combination of high standards of confidentiality, security, speed and convenience. We hope you will celebrate our 15th anniversary with us by accepting our offer of free access to our Machine Translation service for four weeks. To take advantage of this offer now, simply contact the Machine Translation team at mtsupport@cls-communication.com and ask for your free login.

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    22. Good First Half 2012 for SDL with Strong Organic Revenue Growth

      Explore sdl.com (Aug 15 2012)

      SDL plc, a leader in the emerging market for Global Information Management (GIM) solutions, is pleased to announce its unaudited interim results for the six months ended 30 June 2012.
      A good first half 2012, with both revenue and profit before taxation and amortisation in line with expectations 
      Headline revenue growth of 20%, with 8% organic and 12% attributable to the Alterian acquisition 
      Strong revenue growth in Language Services (14%) 
      Several key new customer wins in the period with major global brands 
      Alterian integrating well into the group and performed somewhat ahead of expectations 
      Robust performance at the group level due to broad geography and sector coverage and the mix of technology and services across the group 
      Our products continue to lead the world in innovation and our strategy is synchronised with market needs, with SDL continuing to outperform industry leading names. 

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    23. Google Translate for Android Adds Instant Translations, Image Recognition, and Dialects

      Explore Cell Phone Reviews & News (Aug 9 2012)

      Google Translate can take a picture to translate text or instantly translate words as someone types. As a user types in his or her native language, the app provides live translation into another designated language. It works surprisingly fast and provides the same level of accuracy typically found in the Translate app. New to the app is an option to take a snapshot of a document, menu, or magazine cover, and then have the app auto-recognize text. Users can then highlight specific areas of the resulting image to focus translation, but only on Android 2.3 or higher devices. Google also added some new language options to Translate. The handwriting tool has been updated to recognize multiple Japanese characters at once, which should increase input speeds and accuracy. Users can also select which dialect they prefer for speech input. Rather than just set the desired language to English, users can select Australian, Canadian, US, UK, or other dialects. Google Translate for Android is free and can be downloaded from the Google Play Store now.

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      Mentions:   UK   Japanese

    24. MultiTrans Prism Language Technology scores among highest in Common Sense Advisory's TMS Live Report

      Explore Press Release Distribution (Jul 26 2012)

      MultiTrans Prism Language Technology scores among highest in Common Sense Advisory's TMS Live Report

      MultiCorpora, an international provider of industry-leading translation technology solutions, has announced that its most recent release of MultiTrans Prism has been evaluated on TMS Live by Common Sense Advisory, an independent market research company. TMS Live is an interactive tool that provides buyers of translation technology with an interactive evaluation of best-fit tools to meet their requirements. MultiTrans Prism 5.5 achieved high scores in key areas such as interoperability with other systems, business reporting, translation and web functionalities. Its total composite score jumped from 638 to 693 with this new release. “It is clear that the 55 point improvement is based on the addition of key features such as the Web Translation Editing Server, a new secure online working environment that solves outsourcing translation problems and a new business reporting module” says Pierre Blais, CEO at MultiCorpora

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      Mentions:   Europe

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