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  1. Articles in category: Cloud Computing

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    1. Document Management Software supports private cloud computing.

      Explore news.thomasnet.com (Oct 7 2011)

      Built on Meaning Based Computing technology, WorkSite v9.0 gives users on-demand secured access to content from any mobile device. Program provides shared environment for storing business content and for tracking updates, milestones, and communications. Once designated sensitive, content is automatically encrypted for storage without third-party software. Version control, automated notifications ... (Read Full Article)

      Mentions:   England   Cambridge   Autonomy (UK) (acquired by HP)

    2. Acrolinx Launches New SaaS Option: "Acrolinx IQ in the Cloud"

      Explore MarketWatch (Oct 6 2011)

      Acrolinx Launches New SaaS Option: "Acrolinx IQ in the Cloud" Acrolinx Launches New SaaS Option: "Acrolinx IQ in the Cloud"MarketWatch (press release)Continuing its commitment to helping companies communicate effectively with their customers, Acrolinx today launched Acrolinx IQ in the Cloud. It is a new licensing model that enables content developers to get the benefits of Acrolinx IQ with an easy ...and more » (Read Full Article)

      Mentions:   Berlin   Andrew Bredenkamp   Acrolinx (Germany)

    3. Oracle needs some cloud computing mojo

      Explore gigaom.com (Sep 30 2011)

      Oracle needs some cloud computing mojo Akamai,  not exactly a newbie in this arena, illustrates Oracle’s problem. At a recent tour of Akamai’s Cambridge, Mass. network operations center, CTO Mike Afergan was asked about the racks of (mostly Dell) blades on view and whether the ... (Read Full Article)

      Mentions:   Cambridge

    4. Waze Talks (on both iPhone and Android)! Thanks to Nuance’s Vocalizer Network

      Explore Opus Research (Sep 29 2011)

      Waze Talks (on both iPhone and Android)! Thanks to Nuance’s Vocalizer Network The engineers at Waze have steadily added to the app's voice-based features and functions. As noted in the company's "By the Waze" blog, TTS-based driving instructions have been a feature of the "Commuting Widget" available for download from the Android Marketplace. (Read Full Article)

    5. Autonomy Unveils New Release of WorkSite

      Explore Aktien (Sep 29 2011)

      CAMBRIDGE, England, and SAN FRANCISCO, September 29, 2011 /PRNewswire/ - WorkSite 9.0 Delivers Next-Generation Private Cloud Computing Platform and New Capabilities in Mobile Support and Security Autonomy Corporation plc , a global leader in … (Read Full Article)

      Mentions:   England   Cambridge   Autonomy (UK) (acquired by HP)

    6. Mango arrives with a Wi-Fi tethering surprise, pervasive speech utilities

      Explore cio.com.au (Sep 28 2011)

      Mango arrives with a Wi-Fi tethering surpriseCIO AustraliaSpeech Recognition: There is little you can't do just using voice commands with "Mango". The speech recognition functions allow you to place calls, open apps, search the Web, or get directions to a restaurant without touching the smartphone. ...and more » (Read Full Article)

    7. EnSoftek's Wholly Owned Subsidiary, DrCloud Healthcare Solutions' Next ...

      Explore Press Release Distribution (Sep 24 2011)

      EnSoftek's Wholly Owned Subsidiary, DrCloud Healthcare Solutions' Next ...PR Web (press release)Not only does DrCloudEMR™ provide HIPAA compliant Electronic Medical Records support it also includes powerful features such as - rich practice management, patient management, Nuance SpeechAnywhere voice/speech recognition (dictation), ePrescribing, ...and more » (Read Full Article)

    8. Native iPad app powers cloud-based speech recognition

      Explore CMIO.net (Sep 9 2011)

      Native iPad app powers cloud-based speech recognitionCMIO... My Contacts and My Resources, according to the companies. By using Nuance's medical speech recognition from the cloud tool, clinicians can interact with and control the app through speech-driven clinical documentation and voice navigation commands. (Read Full Article)

    9. Vendor Notebook: athenahealth launches real-time physician performance dashboard

      Explore Healthcare IT News (Sep 9 2011)

      Vendor Notebook: athenahealth launches real-time physician performance dashboardHealthcare IT NewsNuance Communications and MedMaster Mobile announced that the MedMaster Mobility iPad App is now powered by Nuance Healthcare medical speech recognition, enabling its more than 15000 clinician users to document and navigate on-the-go via voice. ...and more » (Read Full Article)

    10. CloudWords translates into action

      Explore Cloud computing for business (Sep 5 2011)

      CloudWords translates into action CloudWords translates into actionBusinessCloud9One such firm is CloudWords, which formally launched at the Dreamforce conference in San Francisco, a suitable venue given that one of the co-founders, Scott Yancey was present at Salesforce.com during its own formative years. ... (Read Full Article)

      Mentions:   Ireland   UK   Italian

    11. Localization Goes Cloud

      Explore SOA World Magazine (Sep 3 2011)

      Localization Goes Cloud Armed with $3 million, a lot of it from Saleforce.com CEO Marc Benioff's personal account, a start-up called Cloudwords aims to push the gentle art of localization into the cloud. Well, the $20 billion business behind the gentle art of localization at any rate. (Read Full Article)

      Mentions:   SDL (UK)

    12. Cloudwords targets "SDL Orphans", launches native cloud translation with Salesforce execs’ help

      Explore Tech News (Sep 1 2011)

      Cloudwords targets "SDL Orphans", launches native cloud translation with Salesforce execs’ help Cloud-based translation startup Cloudwords on Wednesday formally announced a powerful new solution for speeding up localization called Translation Management Automation, or TMA. Launched in mid-February by ex-Salesforce.com employees, Cloudwords ... (Read Full Article)

      Mentions:   SDL (UK)

    13. Web services puts M2M in The Cloud

      Explore eetimes.com (Aug 31 2011)

      Web services puts M2M in The Cloud Web services are one way to connect devices and sensors to the extended Internet, where objects talk to other objects. Here’s a primer on how Web services work for machine-to-machine applications. View the full article HERE . (Read Full Article)

    14. HP, Cloud and Leo's three impossible things before breakfast

      Explore Cloud computing for business (Aug 24 2011)

      HP, Cloud and Leo's three impossible things before breakfast HP, Cloud and Leo's three impossible things before breakfastBusinessCloud9Apotheker also confirmed HP is to acquire the UK firm, Autonomy for £7.1bn - a massive mark-up on its stock value which seems to be causing considerable unrest among the HP shareholders. The Cambridge-based company is a specialist in unstructured data ...and more » (Read Full Article)

      Mentions:   UK

    15. Apotheker Sets Biggest HP Strategic Bet in Rivalry With Oracle Corp.: Tech

      Explore Bloomberg (Aug 19 2011)

      In February, he orchestrated the purchase of data-analysis company Vertica for an undisclosed price. Autonomy, based in Cambridge, England, jumped 74 percent to 24.90 pounds ($41.29) as of 2:41 p.m. in London. Before today, the stock had declined 5.1 ... (Read Full Article)

      Mentions:   London   Germany   England

    16. Cloud Infrastructure Soars in Europe

      Explore MSDN Blogs (Aug 10 2011)

      VENUS-C, a high-quality, interoperable cloud platform for industry and research, is being used for 15 new pilots that have received seed funds. (Read Full Article)

      Mentions:   Europe   Italian

    17. Gartner's 2011 Hype Cycle Special Report Evaluates the Maturity of 1,900 Technologies

      Explore businesswire.com (Aug 10 2011)

      STAMFORD, Conn.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Activity streams, wireless power, Internet TV, NFC payment and private cloud computing are some of the technologies that have moved into the Peak of Inflated Expectations, according to the 2011 Emerging Technologies Hype Cycle by Gartner, Inc. Other newly featured high-impact trends include big data, and natural language question answering. Gartner's 2011 Hype ... (Read Full Article)

    18. A Cloud that Can't Leak

      Explore Technology Review (Aug 8 2011)

      A Cloud that Can't Leak Researchers at Microsoft have built a virtual vault that could work on medical data without ever decrypting it. Imagine getting a friend's advice on a personal problem and being safe in the knowledge that it would be impossible for your friend to divulge the question, or even his own reply.Researchers at Microsoft have taken a step toward making something similar possible for cloud computing, so that data sent to an Internet server can be used without ever being revealed. Their prototype can perform statistical analyses on encrypted data despite never decrypting it. The results worked out by the software emerge fully encrypted, too, and can only be interpreted using the key in the possession of the data's owner.Cloud services are increasingly being used for every kind of computing, from entertainment to business software. Yet there are justifiable fears over security, as the attacks on Sony's servers that liberated personal details from 100 million accounts demonstrated.Kristin Lauter, the Microsoft researcher who collaborated with colleagues Vinod Vaikuntanathan and Michael Naehrig on the new design, says it would ensure that data could only escape in an encrypted form that would be nearly impossible for attackers to decode without possession of a user's decryption key. "This proof of concept shows that we could build a medical service that calculates predictions or warnings based on data from a medical monitor tracking something like heart rate or blood sugar," she says. "A person's data would always remain encrypted ... (Read Full Article)

    19. Google Uses 0.01% Of The World's Electricity

      Explore Business Insider (Aug 4 2011)

      Google uses 900,000 servers to power its efforts in advertising, cloud computing, web-based productivity apps, social networking, and the ever-present Google search. And those servers use 0.01% of the world's electricity. Of course, this is just a highly-educated guess made by Stanford professor Jonathan Koomey, as reported by Matthew Humphries of Geek.com. If that figure sounds huge, consider this -- data centers as a whole account for 1.5% of the world's energy use, and as much as 2.2% when you look solely at the US. So how can Google keep their electricity use so low by comparison? It uses lots of alternative energy sources like tidal, wind, and solar power whenever it's practical. Check out the video below, which gives us a tour of a Google data center (they reappropriate shipping containers, which probably helps cut down costs as well). Please follow SAI: Tools on Twitter and Facebook. Join the conversation about this story » See Also: Google Is Deleting Private Google+ Profiles -- Here's How To Make Sure That Doesn't Happen to YouHere Are All The Most Important New Updates To Google+Now You Can Watch Live YouTube Streams In Google+ Hangouts (Read Full Article)

    20. Tiny, Cloud-Powered Desktops

      Explore Technology Review (Aug 4 2011)

      Tiny, Cloud-Powered Desktops The profusion of mobile devices is driving advances in cloud-based productivity apps built for the small screen. When smart phones first took off, many software companies figured people might want to view files on the small screens, but few thought anyone would use them for  creating, editing, and commenting on documents, spreadsheets, and presentations. "We were proven wrong," says Raju Vegesna of Zoho, a company that offers online office tools. (Read Full Article)

    21. Nuance Launches Cloud Service To Store Your Paper Files Easily

      Explore Bostinnovation (Aug 3 2011)

      Nuance Launches Cloud Service To Store Your Paper Files Easily Nuance Launches Cloud Service To Store Your Paper Files EasilyBostinnovationBurlington-based Nuance, a leading provider of speech recognition software, announced today the launch of a new cloud service, PaperPort Anywhere. Users of the new service can access documents at anytime through the cloud via web browsers or mobile ... (Read Full Article)

    22. Appcelerator/IDC Developer Interest: Apple iCloud & Google+ Near Dead Heat. Facebook Still King

      Explore SocialTimes.com (Aug 3 2011)

      Appcelerator/IDC Developer Interest: Apple iCloud & Google+ Near Dead Heat. Facebook Still King ReadWriteWeb took a look at Appcelerator/IDC’s developer report for July 2011 and noted that: Mobile Developers See More Promise in Google Plus than iCloud But, wait a minute. Let’s take a look at what people actually responded to the question: What will impact the growth and adoption of mobile the most? Here are the results: - Google+: 25% - Apple iCloud: 22% - Near-Field Communication: 18% - iOS 5 Twitter Integration: 14% - Android Patent Issues: 13% - Amazon Android Tablet Rumors: 6% - HP TouchPad Launch: 2% The difference between those who choose Google+ compared to Apple iCloud is very small. And, if you consider iOS 5 Twitter integration part of Apple’s larger cloud strategy, I’d say the two are at least dead even with, perhaps, a tilt towards Apple. And, what about the 800 pound social gorilla, Facebook? - Two-thirds of respondents believe that Google can catch up to Facebook in social with Google+ - 83% of developers using social in their apps say they use or are planning to use Facebook this year Facebook is not going to be dumped into a social trash heap anytime soon. You can find the full report at: Appcelerator/IDC Mobile Developer Report, July 2011 New Career Opportunities Daily: The best jobs in media. (Read Full Article)

    23. Nuance PaperPort Anywhere: iOS Cloud Document Management – Crash Prone

      Explore SocialTimes.com (Aug 3 2011)

      Nuance PaperPort Anywhere: iOS Cloud Document Management – Crash Prone Nuance’s PaperPort Anywhere is a two-part product. Part one is a tiered web image management service. There is a free entry level account with 1GB storage. 10GB costs $9.99 per month while 50GB costs $24.99 per month. Part two is a free iOS (iPhone, iPad) app. continued… New Career Opportunities Daily: The best jobs in media. (Read Full Article)

    24. Sensory Announces TrulyHandsfree™ Voice Control 2.0 for Natural and Accurate ...

      Explore Online Press Release Distribution (Aug 2 2011)

      Sensory Announces TrulyHandsfree™ Voice Control 2.0 for Natural and Accurate ...EON: Enhanced Online News (press release)Sensory, Inc. is the leader in speech technologies for consumer products, offering a complete line of IC and software-only solutions for speech recognition, speech synthesis, speaker verification, music synthesis and more. Sensory's products are widely ...and more » (Read Full Article)

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